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For enterprises of all shapes and sizes


Join us as a consultant, we take care of invoicing your clients, paying your salary and providing you with great social security coverage.


Earn more, and cost your employer less. Speak to us about our conditions and then speak to your employer about working for us. We are sure to find a solution that works well for everyone.

Start-ups / Micro Companies

You want to set-up a company but don't want the headache of administration, we can take this burden away from you so that you can focus on your business

Swiss Subsidiary

You're an oversea company but need some staff in Switzerland, we can help you to get set-up and off the ground here.

Corporate Clients

Try us and see. We are cost effective, have a large network, and a diverse range of competencies. We realise how important it is to have thorough background checks, obtain references and check qualifications.

We provide temporary, permanent staff and consultants, and perform payrolling actvities if you find the employees yourself.

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